Monday, June 14, 2010


It's another updates post.  I think you know how these go.

1) I've been to court twice now.  Once, with supervision; the other time, on my own.  I know it's not really a big deal - most firms let their law clerks and/or secretaries do it - but, it's something new and I get to call myself an attorney at my firm for resume purposes.

2) Now that I'm going to court, I might need more than one suit.  I might also need another tie or two.  I never thought pretending to be a lawyer would be so expensive.

3) That lawyer the old guy hooked me up with never got back to me about lunch last week.  He said that he was too busy to email me, so we're going to try again this week.  If I ever hear back from him, that is.

4) It's time to sign up for a new round of French class.  Again, maybe someone in the next group will be a lawyer and will want a new associate with basic French language skills.

5) I just greeted another person who is interviewing for the job I should have.  Another tiny part of my spirit just got crushed.


  1. Why buy another suit? No need.

  2. If you want to get a lot of Chicago business, drop French class and take Spanish class.