Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Conversation with a cashier at the Daley Center:

Cashier: Do you smell broccoli?
Me: What?  No.
Cashier: Ok
Me: Was there more to that?
Cashier: No.  I just have broccoli for lunch under my desk.  Broccoli can be kind of loud.
Me: Wh...nevermind.

Just take a minute for that to sink in.


  1. Ha! Sounds like the 6th floor, Muni... But it could have been 8 or 12, although i seriously doubt the latter... You gotta love that place, every visit is an adventure, which at the very least involves docs from other cases in your cases file, or the rocket scientists not being able to even locate your file ("its been sent to storage" Reply: Its an '09 case, come on, are your serious? Did you even really look?)

  2. 6th Floor.

    It used to be an adventure every day, but the novelty has worn off.