Sunday, January 30, 2011


We recently moved to a new suite in our building.  Before moving our stuff, Office Manager sent out an email telling us that we had to come in on Saturday to move.  For some reason, he and my Dick Boss decided that Saturday would be a better time to do this than after work on a weekday.  I was pissed.

After work on Thursday, I noticed that Other Associate had already moved all of his stuff to the new office.  The ensuing conversation is a great example of why we get along.

Me: Are you coming in this weekend?
Other Associate: Pfft, fuck no.
Me: Haha, I wish I had the balls to do that.
Other Associate: Yeah, Office Manager just sent me his typical bitchy email about how disappointed he is and how disappointed our Dick Boss is going to be.  But, no.  Fuck that.  I've got shit to do.

I love that.  Also, after he mentioned it, I realized that "bitchy" is the perfect was to describe Office Manager.  He always tries to communicate using HR language rather than talking like a normal person, which makes him come across as a little bitch.

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