Friday, April 29, 2011


My latest trip was to Spertus and it was a little underwhelming.  It's a cool building and I like that they give you a pamphlet so that you can take a self-guided tour, but there's really not a whole lot to see.  It's kind of like if  Loyola or DePaul started giving tours of all of the Catholic stuff they have on their campus.  Yeah, it's there, but it's not really enough to justify taking a tour.

I'm being a little harsh.  They did have a somewhat interesting exhibit on Jewish history in Chicago.


  1. I went to Spertus as a high school field trip.

    Go to the 25th floor of Dirksen and watch the Blagojevich trial.

    Only don't blog about it, or at least not the details. You're still a lawyer and could get in some trouble.

    It's the biggest trial around and would be fun. You'll learn a few things; and it may motivate you.

  2. Summing it up with the Catholicism and De Paul explains enough for me. I do like the looks of the building though.