Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Smith Museum of Stained Glass

This museum is surprisingly cool.  I say "surprisingly" because it's on Navy Pier and Navy Pier is one of my least favorite places in Chicago.

Navy Pier is like Six Flags, only trashier and with less to do.  The place is swarming with things like fat men wiping off sweat with their ties and tourist families trying, and failing, to control their disgusting and sticky children.  Every now and then, you make eye contact with another person who is absolutely appalled by what's going on around them, but those people are few and far between. 

Surprisingly, the Stained Glass Museum is cool.  They have a lot of stained glass and good descriptive plaques about each piece.  Overall, I picked up some interesting information and a new appreciation for stained glass windows.  I really liked a lot of the windows, but this one was probably my favorite:
Also, since the museum is pretty far into the pier, it's relatively secluded.  Not to mention the fact that most people are far more interested in stuffing their faces with caramel corn than going to a museum.

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  1. Yes! I enjoyed that place immensely when I was in Chicago. Great little quiet space, a few pieces by Tiffany, a truly wonderful surprise to stumble upon.