Tuesday, August 9, 2011


1) I just found out that I didn't get the corporate compliance job.  Fuuuuck.  On the bright side, corporate compliance sounded like it would really suck. 

2) I finally got an email from the guys at the medical device company.  I guess they've been really busy, but I'm supposed to give them a call the week of August 22, at which point they should have more updates on the job.  If this is all a tease, leading up to them telling me that the job won't start for several more months, I'm going to absolutely lose my shit.

3) My girlfriend is moving in with me at the end of the month.

4) The first couple months of unemployment weren't bad but, as I watching my savings dwindle every week, I'm starting to get a little depressed.  Some sort of job better come through, and soon.

I really wish I had more updates, but that's pretty much it. 


  1. Have you thought about retail, landscaping, or substitute teaching?

  2. Retail, landscaping and sub teaching are tough to get a hold of these days. I've tried all paths. With retail, you have to conceal your degrees. Managers have told me that there are so many people interested in retail now that they are seeking stable applicants. Retail thinks applicants will bolt for better opportunities if they have degrees. Landscaping that pays over $10/hour is looking for people with horticulture degrees - and there are lot's of applicants with this credential. Lower paying landscaping spots generally hire laborers from S. America. Substitute teaching is tough too. They typically look for people with education degrees or prior experience. Also, with state budget cuts, many teachers have been laid off from regular positions and are now fighting for the substitute spots to fill the income void.