Thursday, November 17, 2011

Job offer

It's official, I have a job offer from the office supply place.  I also have a second interview with the real estate place but, based on how uncomfortable I was with the entire environment over there, I don't see myself taking that job.  Regardless, I'm going to go on the interview just to see where it goes.

I don't feel like breaking this up into separate posts, so here are a few random comments:

1) How weird is it that I got this job exactly one year after getting my previous job?  My girlfriend pointed that out.

2) It kind of sucks that I'm going to be selling office supplies door to door, but I'm going to give optimism a try and consider this as a good stepping stone to other sales jobs.

3) I'm going to play with my blog's format a bit now that I won't feel bad about playing around online rather than looking for jobs.

4) I told them I'd give a definite answer about whether I'd take the job on Monday.  I imagine they'll want me to start right after Thanksgiving.

5) I'm planning on posting a lot more now that I'm going to have a job and places to go every day worth blogging about.


  1. D:

    I wish you well in your new job. This job is going to be incredibly tough & frustrating, but think about this, If you can succeed selling office supplies door to door, you can succeed in ANY sales job.

    Good luck!

  2. Thanks! I recently talked to another guy in medical sales who mentioned that his company specifically looks for guys who have done office supply sales because, as you said, if you can sell office supplies, you can sell pretty much anything. Here's hoping this is a good stepping stone.

  3. I just got fired today, but that is because I took a position I didn't exactly want to do and it kind of shone through and the manager lady did not like me. All I can tell you is that be enthusiastic and give it a shot and if you hate it, don't let it show at all. Fake it, till you make it

  4. Sucks you have to do sales when legally fabulous fails the bar exam over and over and over and still gets an attorney job.