Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Bad day

Overall, I like my new job and I'm pretty good at it. Today, however, I really wish I had an office job again. It's pouring in Chicago and I got so wet in the first hour of my day that I look like I just jumped in a pool. I'm currently getting funny looks while I'm trying to dry off in a Starbucks. I've got a hunch that sales aren't going to go well today.


  1. D:

    We're in a new Great Depression. It has hit law especially hard, but it will pass. You should be very proud that you have a job and are working hard. You have the right attitude and are going to make it.

    If I could make a small suggestion. Find a pro bono legal service somewhere and donate a very small amount of time doing pro bono legal work. It doesn't matter what it is, as long as you stick your head in court once in a while. Google "legal aid" or contact the Chicago Bar Association. If you completely loose contact with law, then you'll eventually be out for ever. If you keep one foot a little bit in, you'll eventually find a way back.

    No job is as good as a sales job. Become a good salesman. Most lawyers are absolute fools who couldn't sell a damn thing. The technical bullshit that impresses law professors doesn't matter. The most successful lawyers are those who are good at sales.

    Stay out of the rain, and good luck.


  2. D:

    Keep it up! I wish you much luck.

    It sounds like you have a BRUTAL job.

    Keep this in mind...if you can learn sales, AND do it well, you will probably make MUCH more than you could as an attorney.

    Keep up the blog too. The world needs to know the plight of those of us that were ripped off by higher education!

  3. Haven't written in awhile, what's the deal yo

  4. Are you still alive, I mean shit either you hate your job and that is the reason you aren't posting, or you have committed suicide...anything is possible