Monday, October 5, 2009

Gays v. Zombies

I ride the Chicago red line a lot and have some ridiculous stories as a result.  Here's what happened last week.

I'm riding it south at about 12:30am.  At Fullerton, 1/2 of the car filled up with a bunch of loud, gay, black guys.  These guys weren't your average, slightly effeminate but generally tolerable, gay guys.  These guys were Perez Hilton gay.  So gay that you'd worry about them getting kicked off Project Runway for being too gay.  Gay enough that...well, you get the idea.  That was bad enough, but of course things had to get stranger.

At the Chicago stop the other 1/2 of the train filled up with artsy college students dressed up as zombies.  I guess if you dressed up as a zombie you could get in to see Zombieland for free that night - as if that makes this story more normal.  Regardless, we get delayed for about 20 minutes with these two groups taking up most of the car.  What happens when you put a bunch of restless gay guys and artsy zombies in the same train car?  Can't guess?  A dance off, obviously.

First the zombies would all sing and dance to whichever pop song they could remember.  Then, the gay guys would respond with their own song and dance routine.  Back and forth it went - the artsy people singing Britney Spears, dancing, giggling and grinding on each other and the gay guys, well, singing Britney Spears, dancing, giggling and grinding on each other. 

And there I was, trapped in the middle with a few randoms and a terrified Asian couple.

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  1. And it's not even halloween yet. Ha. One time I saw several gay teens imitate sex acts on a rush hour train. But hey, the gays bring property value up so I'm not gonna complain.