Monday, October 12, 2009

Least Favorites

On all of these social websites they ask you to list your favorite people, quotes, books, movies, activities and so on in your profile.  I think they should also have a section for your least favorites.  I'm positive that knowing a person's least favorite things is just as useful as knowing their favorites.

Let me clarify for a minute.  I'm not just talking about bad movies/books/etc.  For example, I hate the movie Tron, but it's legitimately a crappy movie that people only watch because it's a crappy movie.  Instead, there's always something that tons of people love, which you just can't stand.  For example, everybody thinks The Great Gatsby is one of the best books ever.  I, on the other hand, thought it was one of the most boring, piece-of-shit books I've ever had to read.  That kind of thing.

The Least Favorites:
Books: The Great Gatsby; The Color Purple
Movies: Horror movies; Monty Python; Napoleon Dynamite
Music: Indie music; Christmas carols; Prince
People: Jesse Jackson; Bill O'Reilly; Glenn Beck
Quotes: "Thank God it's Friday"
Activities: Distance running; Fantasy football (I'll call it an activity); Listening to stand-up comedy CDs
TV Shows: CSI; Law and Order; Soap operas, The Office; Seinfeld
Foods: White gravy; Ranch dressing; Lima beans; French toast; Radishes; Yogurt
Places: Disney Land

I'm sure there's much more, so I'm going to consider this a work in progress and update it as new things occur to me.  Maybe I'll find a way to put it in my profile.


  1. I love french toast. I can discern from your list that you're nuts!!!! That must be a mistake.

  2. French toast is just soggy bread. I don't get it.

    As to Ranch Dressing, I apologize. I never meant to hurt any feelings. I know a lot of people are quite passionate about their Ranch, but it's just not my thing.

  3. CSI and Law and Order? Good thing we don't live in the same apt.