Monday, November 16, 2009

Intro to Creepo

We have a client who I'm going to refer to as Creepo.  He's fat, dirty, loud, abrasive, vulgar, and apparently rich because he's one of our biggest clients.  I had just put him in our conference room when I noticed what could only be a homeless man reading a newspaper at our front desk.  Obviously curious as to why a homeless man was pretending to read while stinking up our lobby, I approached him with the question.

It would appear that the smelly, homeless gentleman is actually Creepo's "driver."  I'll admit, that should not have surprised me.  I can't even hazard a guess as to what kind of ramshackle, piece-of-shit car they must have driven to our office it be a Bentley.

P.S.: I'm pretty sure my next project for the day is going to be picking up lunch for Creepo and my boss.  I love my life.  I just love it.

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