Friday, November 13, 2009

I went to law school for this

Here is a series of conversations between the Appellate Clerk, Attorney 5 and myself.

Conversation 1
Attorney 5: How many copies of this decision can I have our clerk pick up later today?
Appellate Clerk: Two.

Conversation 2
Attorney 5: Go pick up at least twenty copies of this decision from the Appellate Clerk today.
Me: Fine.

Conversation 3
Me: Can I have several copies of this decision?
Appellate Clerk: Here's four.
Me: Any chance I can get twenty?
Appellate Clerk: I already told the guy who called earlier that we can't do that.
Me: Sounds about right.

Conversation 4
Me: Did they already tell you we couldn't get twenty copies?
Attorney 5: ...maybe.
Me: So, you seriously sent me off to get something you knew I couldn't get?
Attorney 5: Ok, here's what happened.  Technically, they told me that the decisions weren't in yet, so they couldn't give me a final number.
Me: Did she give you an estimate?
Attorney 5: ....yeah....two.  So, you did twice as well as me.  Good job, Nick!
Me: ...thanks?


  1. Wait, why do you need multiple copies? Don't you have a xerox machine?

  2. I was thinking the same thing, Lance. Does Attorney 5's IQ exceed room temperature? Or is he just sadistic and bored?

  3. The ones you actually pick up from the clerk are all fancy and come in a little book. For some reason, he wanted the fancy ones.

    He's actually quite smart, so I'm going to go with sadistic and bored.