Thursday, February 11, 2010

Always ask me first

I should be consulted on all major decisions at our firm.  The Office Goblin got fired yesterday.  While this does significantly decrease the general creepiness of our office, and I'm sure fewer things will get fucked up, it also creates a lot of problems.  For instance, who's going to do all of her filing?  Who else is going to answer phones?  Who's going to mail things to our clients?  If you couldn't guess, they hope the answer to these questions is going to be, "Nick."  Oh, boy.  Are they mistaken.

Here's what we should have done: kept Goblin around with decreased job responsibilities until we found a suitable replacement.  Could Goblin handle complex tasks?  Hell, no.  Getting her to do two things at once was like teaching a squirrel to play chess.  But, could she file, answer phones and send out mail with the best of 'em?  You bet she could.  We could easily have kept her on, in that capacity, while subtly searching for a more competent secretary.  Seriously, I should be in charge of everything.

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