Friday, April 30, 2010

Good old Cook County

I was at the Sheriff's Office yesterday because they had called to tell us that one of addresses on  a summons was wrong.  It should have said "West" rather than "East", and that's clearly not something we could have taken care of over the phone.

Me: You guys called about this summons I need to fix.  Here's all the info you could possibly need.
Sheriff: Well, do you know who called?
Me: No.  I didn't take the call.  But, I just did this yesterday; it couldn't have gone far.
Sheriff: I don't know.  I'm just not sure how I'll find this.
Me: You could look it up on your system, find out who entered in the information, and then ask them what they did with it.  Just a suggestion.
Sheriff: That might work...
(5 minutes later)
Sheriff: No, we still have no idea where this is.  Next time, you really should ask who called.  There's no way for me to figure this out with the information you're giving me.
Me: Wrong. Tell you what I'm going to do - I've got time to kill, so I'm just going to stand here for a while.  If it magically appears, great.  If it doesn't turn up within ten minutes, I'll leave.
Sheriff: Whatever.
(7 minutes later)
Sheriff: (glances below the counter and pulls out my paperwork) Oh! I'm the one who called you and I had it this whole time!
Me: Shocking.

I do my best to get along with every county worker I meet, but it's tough sometime.

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