Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Two dilemas

1) Tomorrow, in honor of Administrative Professional's Day, my firm is having a breakfast at 8:30am.  On one hand, I love breakfast and free food.  On the other hand, I usually wander in around 9:15am, and I am not a fan of showing up to work early.  However, I'm pretty sure I'll look like a huge dick if I opt out of this breakfast.  I'll have to play this by ear tomorrow morning.

2) No matter how many emails I send or voice-mails I leave, this one property manager isn't sending me some documents I need to file a bunch of her stuff. On one hand, I couldn't give less of a shit if her stuff gets filed.  On the other hand, all of her shit is cluttering up my desk, and I hate having a cluttered desk.  I haven't figured out how to resolve this situation either. 


  1. Nick, I see you no longer read me at work. Ouch.


  2. My bad. Was playing with my layout and some stuff got deleted. I'll get you back on the list.

  3. I figured you must have me on a list somewhere else...blogs I read at home? in the bathroom? because the blogger harasses me if I don't?