Monday, April 19, 2010

Legal excitement

This story is boring, but it's seriously the most entertaining thing that has happened to me today. 

If you're thinking about becoming a lawyer, continue reading to get a taste of what the rest of your life will be like.  Everyone else may just want to stop reading now and hope tomorrow's post is better.

You kind of need to read this legal excerpt to understand the context. 
Changes to the boundaries of Unit 1 and Unit 2  are set out on Exhibit B, which designates the reallocation of interest the effected common elements, as the terms are defined in the declaration of condominium ownership.

Plat of Survey is amended by reallocating the boundaries of Unit 1 and Unit 2 and reallocating the percentage interest in the common element as follows:
Attorney 5: You need to record this today.
Me: It looks like you're reallocating the percentage interest in some property.  You're going to need more info than you have here.
Attorney 5: We're not really reallocating any interest.
Me: Then, why does it say you are?
Attorney 5: Hahaha...ok, you have a point.  Maybe I'll assemble that other info you say I need.  This might have to wait until tomorrow.
Me: Haha, I'd say so!
Attorney 5: Haha, good thing you didn't try to record just this!

Ahahaha, he tried to reallocate interest without including all of the applicable documents and information!  What if I had tried to record that?!?  Oh boy, I would have had egg on my face!

That was seriously my entertainment for the afternoon.

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