Friday, April 16, 2010

Who does this?

Yesterday, I was in the law library at the Daley Center when I stumbled across this scene:
I'm no stranger to sleeping in libraries, but I can't figure out if this guy is retarded or has completely mastered the technique.  I'm leaning towards retarded.

At the same time, so many questions come to mind.  Is he a lawyer?  If so, what does that say?  What was the tipping point that made him think taking a full-on nap, on an air vent, in public was a good idea?  Did he start out at the table and the move to the vent?  Or, did he go directly to the vent?  Does he do this regularly?  Does he not mind the stares?  Is it comfortable?

Perhaps most unsettling: Is this what my future looks like?  I mean, I am killing time by reading a book in the library when I should be working.  Are we really that different?  Is fat, alone, and asleep on a vent in a library a disturbing glimpse into my future?  Dear God, I hope not.

Once again, yes, I'm that dick taking pictures of idiots.  This may be why my girlfriend doesn't let me take pictures with my phone when she's around.


  1. Hilarious...he probably is a lawyer, and more precisely, a graduate of TTT and a practitioner of Shitlaw.

  2. People always seem to be sitting on the vents in the Daley Center. I don't get it. But I guess there's room to spread out enough to lie down there, and it probably beats the floor?