Thursday, May 6, 2010

How to confuse an old man and my entire office

My parents are having me talk to this MD/JD guy that they both know.  They both describe him as pretty old, so this guy must be super old.

Anyway, I called him a couple times over the past two days.  Each time, I used my office phone because my cell phone doesn't get great reception in my office.*  However,  I always left my cell phone number for him to call me back.

Unfortunately, he chose to focus on the fact that he'd been missing calls from my work number.  Apparently, he has been repeatedly calling and terrorizing my office for a couple of days now.  I found this out after Secretary 2 transferred the call to me, and then yelled out, "MYSTERY SOLVED!!" when I said I had called him.

In retrospect, this is 100% my fault.  Honestly, I should have recognized the old-man thought process:
1) See a missed call
2) Ignore any messages
3) Call the number
4) Yell at the person on the other end
5) Repeat
Seriously, my dad would do the exact same thing.

*One of my biggest pet peeves is having broken up conversations with old people.  They get confused, start cursing technology, and make the call a generally unpleasant experience.


  1. Yeah. It's like talking to a 20 something.

  2. Yeah, they're about as good at phone conversations as people my age are at proper spelling and grammar.