Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Job interview

I have another job interview Friday morning.  I'm excited, but a little worried.  Not because I get nervous about interviews, but because I'm not really sure what I'm interviewing for.

I don't keep a list of the jobs I've applied for, anymore.  That would just be a very long, very depressing, list.

I also apply to jobs pretty haphazardly.  If it requires minimal experience and is in a corporate field, where I think my law degree might be an asset, rather than a drawback, I'm applying.  Other than that, I don't read the rest of the job description very carefully.

With this particular job, I was able to track down the original job description, but it's vague, at best.  All I can figure out is that it has something to do with banking.

That being said, god only knows how I got picked for an interview.  I know dick about banking.  Either this job is way more menial than they make it sound, or this interview is going to go very, very, badly.

FYI, this interview is at 7:30am.  I should get the job for just showing up.

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