Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Just head towards the lake

Yesterday, my meeting with the old guy was in an area that I'm not at all familiar with.  Of course, I had a map with me and knew that all I needed to do was head East on X Street and I'd be there in five minutes.  However, once I got off the L, I couldn't get my bearings or even find any street signs.  So, I went to the nearest CTA person and asked them for directions.

When I asked which way East was, I got the typical response, "East is always towards the lake."  Is it just me, or is this the least helpful way of giving directions ever?  You might as well just tell me the sun always sets in the West and let me be on my way.

I know the lake is always to the East.  I'm not retarded.  What I don't know, is where the lake is, in relation to my current location.

How could I possibly know where the lake is?  I'm surrounded by buildings and can't see a single landmark which would indicate the direction of the lake.  Am I supposed to have some magical "Lake Michigan Sense" which, at all times, alerts me to the location of Lake Michigan?

Maybe people who grew up here have that sense.  I, however, I didn't grow up here; nor am I a fucking homing pigeon.   Give me an actual direction.


  1. Just look for the unicorn. She is next to the lake.

  2. I used to work retail and customers would always call asking, "How do I get to your store from where I am?" without telling me where they were. They were about as helpful as the guy who told you to walk toward the lake.