Friday, May 28, 2010

Lunch at my desk

There's something you should know about me - I take my food very seriously.

Today, because it's just me and Secretary 2 in the office, I'm breaking one of my food commandments and eating lunch at my desk.  She looked genuinely freaked out when I told her I was going to leave her alone to go eat in the kitchen, so I'm taking pity on her.  I feel like this was a mistake.

I like a fairly leisurely lunch.  If possible, I would like to leave my office.  The best lunches ever were at a previous job, when I could go to a lake and watch ducks.  Those were the days.

Now, since watching ducks isn't an option, I like to kick back with a book or magazine, get away from my desk, and eat my sandwich in peace.  It's good for the mental health.

Instead, today, I'm stuck here; surrounded by files and staring at a computer screen - all while trying to enjoy my sandwich, apple and granola bar.  This is practically a human rights violation.

Secretary 2 also has the misguided notion that I'm going to be doing work, while eating at my desk.  The woman is simply crazy.  If she comes into my office one more time before my apple is finished, I'm going to throw my phone at her.

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