Monday, May 17, 2010

Pretty sneaky, aren't they?

Today, I caved and bought a "bundle" to take care of my CLE credit.  I just couldn't pass up the price of $299 (after promotional code).*

I went with the online video option because it was the cheapest, though I knew full well that there'd be some sort of safeguard to make sure I actually watch the videos.  I was right, though it's a bit more clever than I anticipated.

I was hoping they would just be able to tell if I watched the whole video.  That way, I'd be able to have it on in the background, with the sound off, and fly through all 24 hours.  As it turns out, they're sneakier than I gave them credit for being.

There are apparently two verification codes thrown into the videos at random points, which I need to get credit for the time.  So, I'm going to have to watch at least one of these courses to figure out how the codes are presented and if I can figure out a way around watching the other videos.  That's already one hour of legal video more than I had planned on watching.  Damn you, MCLE Board!

*Just in case you need CLE credit, this is what I used:


  1. why don't you pick a CLE or a seminar in a topic that you're actually interested in? I think Loyola has a couple of conferences that are pretty good...

  2. Because of the price. If I were making more money or if my firm were paying for my CLE credit, I would go to some conferences. As it is, however, they run around $200 for a 5 credit hour conference, which is too rich for my blood.

    I'll admit, you do make a good point. I know there are some free seminars our there and I might benefit from going to one that interests me. At this point, though, it just seemed easier and more cost effective to get the videos.

    Thanks for the input.

  3. I agree. The classes are a complete waste of time.