Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Attorney 6 is starting to realize he walked into a bit of an awkward situation.

Although he started out assuming I was still in law school, he has slowly been piecing together that I'm two years older than him, have been licensed a year longer, have been working at this firm for over three years and am WAY more qualified than he is for his job.  Naturally, his curiosity was piqued.

As I was training him today (yes, I have to train him), he blatantly asked me why I don't have his job.  Although I tried to be as discrete as possible, he was pretty persistent and eventually got the general story.

My intent was not to give away my personal feelings on the subject, but you can probably guess how well that went.  I suppose I should be happy that I was able to describe myself as only "moderately bitter" rather than "bitter and on the brink of flying into a violent rage."


  1. As if being extra nosy and intrusive about it would help dim that ever growing violent rage you've got going on.

  2. I bet he immediately figured out he is being underpaid because no way they would hire someone like him when you're around, unless they could get him for pennies.

  3. He probably just thought you were a loser.

  4. I wonder if, after hearing the story, he had the same warm feeling of schadenfreude that the rest of us get reading this blog. His tiny success in landing that shitty job must taste so much sweeter knowing that he gets to hand his briefs to you so you can carry them over to the courthouse on your tricycle and file them on his behalf.

  5. Dur. I'm an anonymous troll. Dur.

  6. This actually happened to me. My first job out of law school- I was hired as a "contract attorney", which basically meant I was a glorified paralegal. After 6 months there the firm hired another asshole as an associate after dicking me around and telling me they didn't really have an opening for me. I endured a few more months of bitterness before jumping ship for my current firm where at least I am an associate (no benefits, though!) Finally, after 3 long years here, I am moving on to work for the state, a job I have been trying to get forever. So things can improve. Hang in there.