Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Not how things should work

Here's Attorney 6's monologue as he came into my office with an armful of work and a confused look on his face.  This is not an exaggeration.
Ok...um...I'm not sure what this is...I think this file is new...this one might be new too...these look old...but I'm not sure...I don't think I need to do anything with this one...and this...this packet is a whole cluster-fuck of crap I can't figure out.  Can you please help me?
I would be well within my rights to let Attorney 6 fall on his face while attempting to do this job.  Instead, I'm helping the guy out.  Why?  Because I'm way too nice.  Bet you never thought you'd hear that, huh?

Even though helping Attorney 6 do his job is crushing what's left of my spirit, I like to think someone would do the same for me.  If I ever get a new job, hopefully there will be someone to turn to who will explain things and get me out of trouble; like I'm doing for Attorney 6.  Maybe I have my life confused with some sort of fairytale, but it's one of the only glimmers of optimism I have left.


  1. karma, dude. karma. keep strong, man!

  2. At your next job I'm sure someone will be there to show you how to assemble the Tilt-a-Whirl and where to find the sawdust to cover up the cotton candy vomit.

  3. I'd do the same. And I'd probably hate every minute of it, but it is the right thing to do.