Friday, July 2, 2010


Here we go again:

1) Recently had another lawyer review my resume and actually got several helpful suggestions.  Having implemented the changes, we'll see if anyone hires me.
2) Forwarded my new resume to the legal recruiter I've been working with.  He suggested that I send my resume out to the small/mid size firms in the area.  Mass-mailings haven't gone well in the past, but I'm up for anything.
3) Finally had lunch with the guy who has been blowing me off for the past month.  Pretty much covered that in my previous post, I guess.
4) New round of French started.
5) I've started fucking some things up at work.  It's somewhat hard to give a damn once you realize that you've wasted three years of you life doing mindless bitch work for nothing.


  1. What sort of suggestions? If any are generic, I'll totally promise not to compete with you for jobs if you share.

  2. Most are pretty specific to my resume. If you actually want to know, feel free to email me.