Thursday, August 12, 2010

Job Interview

Job interview today!  I've got a new suit, a snazzy tie, a winning personality and, at the very least, a rudimentary understanding of law.  If that's not what this firm wants in an associate, I don't know what is.

In all seriousness, the areas of law practiced by this firm are very similar to what I do right now, so I legitimately think I have a good shot at this job.


  1. Remember, if you want this job you have to hide the real you. Your current employer hates you enough that they hired someone else instead of promoting you. Never forget that during the interview -- your task is to trick them into hiring you because the people who know you best as a worker would never hire you as an attorney.

    Good luck, and if the person who interviews you is fat or stupid or went to a worse law school (unlikely) try not to look disgusted or sound superior.

  2. Good Luck D!!!