Monday, August 9, 2010

Legal research

For better or worse, 90% of what I know about law, I learned from Google.

In torts class, when I didn't know the elements of negligence, I turned to Google - - While studying for the bar exam, when I didn't know the elements of negligence, I turned to Google - - While writing this post, when I realized that I still couldn't remember the elements of negligence, I turned to Google.

That being said, I can't understand why people attempt to do legal research without first Googling the problem.

Attorney 6: I've been looking for the answer to this problem all weekend and I can't figure it out.
Attorney 5: Hmm...I don't know either.  Let's just proceed doing it this way and hope for the best.
Me: Has anyone Googled it yet?
Attorney 5 & 6: No...
Me (after five minutes on Google): Here's the answer to your question and here is a website that lists all of the appropriate legal sources.  Bam!


  1. I have a better one.

    I have a friend who had a client that needed some simple thing drafted. He didn't have a form book, so he just googled and found a standard form, changed the words a little so no one accused him of copying, and charged the client for the work.

  2. I google research all the time.

    And the fucking elements of stupid freaking negligence are a must-google. Because remembering them is so not worth it.

  3. Sounds about right. I would have never survived law school or the jobs I've had thus far without google/wikipedia.

  4. I love google. Completely not law related but my sister calls me all the time to ask some ridiculous question. I'm like does your Iphone have google, sis: yes, me: then google it. It's what I would have done. She simply can't grasp that concept.

  5. Damn! How did I ever make it through law school. There wasn't even a freaking personal computer in existence, much less a frigging interent with google on it!

    Oh, wait...I learned to freaking remember it!