Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Why I hate my job

We have a big trial going on right now.  Keeping in mind that I am a licensed attorney who has been working here for over three years, was my job: a) Prepping witnesses; b) Giving the opening statement; or, c) Moving boxes?

I believe you know the answer.


  1. Don't feel too bad. If you'd been in Big Law, your job 3 years in would be moving boxes as well.

    If the trial is important to your boss, he'll only trust himself or other experienced lawyers with it.

    The lawyer who prepares the witness must be the same lawyer who acqually questions the witness at trial. Questioning your own witness is a dance; its not the same if someone else cuts in. This is an iron clad rule. I've never seen it done any other way.

    If you want to try cases start with PI or criminal. PI is probably better because you also do depositions and learn the rules of civil procedure which apply to higher litigation as well.


  2. I actually have no desire to ever try a case. I was just annoyed that my sole job yesterday was to carry boxes around. Though, it was better than filing in our office.