Thursday, September 16, 2010

Not getting my hopes up, but...

I have two job interviews between today and tomorrow.  Here are my predictions:

Thursday's interview
I think I have a good shot at this job.  The description on the job posting is for a low pay, no benefits, entry level attorney position.  My initial reaction was, "ugh, that sounds like it sucks."  But, then I took a look around me.  Who am I kidding?  I would absolutely LOVE to have a low pay, no benefits, entry level attorney position, as long as it gives me some experience.

Friday's interview
No chance in hell.  I looked at this firm's website and I have no idea how I got an interview.  I have zero experience in any of their practice areas.  None the less, I'm going to kick ass in the interview and just hope they don't ask me anything too specific about why I'm qualified for this job.

Though, as I'm thinking about it, maybe I have more of a chance than I think.  I mean, they've looked at my resume, so they must know I don't have any experience in their practice areas.  So, that could mean that they want someone new that they can train.  That's me!

Yeah, I've been going over these scenarios pretty much non-stop since I heard about these interviews.  So much for not getting my hopes up.

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  1. FWIW, in making paralegal hiring decisions, it was more important to me that the "right" candidate be bright and someone who fit into the personality and ethos of the office, and could call BS on the boss (who needs someone to do that). Or BS on me, too. I could always train for the rest.

    Good luck at the interviews!