Monday, September 13, 2010

Oh, he's that guy

When I was in school, I remember my teachers periodically going over material designed to make us better test takers.  A lot of it was common sense advice that had all of the students rolling their eyes, wondering who could possibly need to hear this particular lecture.

One piece of advice was always, "Make sure you answer the question!"  I'm sure everyone has heard that advice before and I'm sure everyone had the same "no shit" reaction.  Well, today I found out why it's always included in test-taking advice.

Attorney 6: Did you get a chance to review the email I'm sending to the client?
Attorney 3: Yeah.  Having read through her initial email, you haven't answered her question.
Attorney 6: What?
Attorney 3: Well, she had a question that she wanted answered.  You proceeded to tell her the law, which she already knew.  Then, you stopped.
Attorney 6:, what should I do?
Attorney 3: you know the answer?
Attorney 6: Yes.
Attorney 3: So...
Attorney 6: Include that in my email?
Attorney 3: Wow. Yes.

Part of school is actually applicable to real life.  Who would have thought?

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