Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Usually, I'm a pretty relaxed guy.  This week, however, my level of anxiety has shot through the roof. 

I still haven't heard back from the insurance defense firm.  They said that they'd call by Monday and it is now Tuesday.  I left a voicemail for one of my interviewers this morning, but I still haven't heard anything.

My birthday is looming, which means that, if I don't hear good news about this job, I'll be starting another year of my late 20's in a job that I could have done out of high school.

My co-workers want to make plans for my birthday (and several others at my firm).  Their idea of making plans is to "go someplace swanky!"  By which I hope they mean, "someplace that serves ridiculously cheap beer."  But, somehow, I doubt it.

Given these circumstances, I'm a little on edge.  You'd think Attorney 6 would have picked up on this, since I'm not exactly hard to read; but, he has not.  Instead, he's still asking me to clean up his messes and leaving me notes that say, "Send out TODAY!"

If numbnuts doesn't stop yelling at me via post-it note, I'm going to throw him through a wall.


  1. Good luck, I know what this feels like. Hope you get some good news soon!

  2. It's not necessarily a bad thing! Sometimes it just takes them longer then they thought. Honestly, employers don't understand the 2000% increase in stroke risk that comes from waiting for job news.