Monday, October 11, 2010

Court holiday

Today's a court holiday.  While my afternoons are usually spent standing in line at a number of government offices, today, I'm just sitting here filing and watching the seconds tick by.

To give you an idea of how slow things are, let me list some of today's highlights.

1) I killed a moth.
2) I accepted two FedEx packages.
3) I read some French news.
4) I completed a 240 piece online jigsaw puzzle.
5) I researched the author of the book I'm currently reading. (The Art of Memory, by Frances Yates)
6) I sent out three letters.
7) I read some celebrity gossip.
8) I looked up previews for tonight's episodes of House and Gossip Girl.
9) I made an unnecessarily long list of highlights.
10) I had lunch with my girlfriend.
11) I checked my blog's email account.
12) I did a sudoku.
13) I read way too many blogs.
14) I online window-shopped.
15) I came up with a moderately clever and offensive way to end this post.

Today is slower than Jenny McCarthy's kid.

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