Thursday, October 21, 2010


1) I did not get any of the jobs I interviewed for in the past month.  Now, I'm back to square one.  Again.

2) A girl in my French class is trying to find me a job at the hotel where she works.  It wouldn't be legal, but I'm ready to kiss law goodbye anyway.  They're specifically hiring doormen, but she thinks I'd be overqualified.  I disagree.

3) My depression is starting to effect my workouts; which, in turn, is making me more depressed.  This is unacceptable.

4) I'm back to looking for malpractice insurance and places to do pro bono work.  This was suggested about a month ago, but was briefly on the backburner with my flurry of interviews.  I'm back to actively looking around.

5) I shaved with a safety razor for the first time last night and I didn't cut myself at all.  I'm more than a little impressed with myself, even though it took a good twenty minutes and I'm sure nobody cares.

6) I just talked to my boss and he's going to try to find some writing for me to do.


  1. affect, not effect.

    Be glad you're getting out of law. It turns you into an annoying grammar Nazi.

    Doormen at upscale hotels do pretty well.

  2. Well, things could be worse. I'd say give it a while.

  3. Do you really have any assets, a mortgage, etc? If not, I'd pass on the insurance.

  4. I buy my insurance from them:

    Much more important than this, you have to think about health insurance.

    Leaving law for a professional business job is fine. Don't leave to become a professional doorman. If you have to wait tables, or be a doorman to pay the bills, that's fine, but don't make it your profession. Whatever you do for money, start practicing law on the side.

    I'd also jump on the opportunity that the downstate lawyer offered you, in the comments to the last post, to do legal writing project.


  5. For two seconds I read Update 2 as "it would not be legal" in the sense that the job would be illegal. LOL.

    I'm sending something miraculous and fabulous your way. Also, really, consider relocating. Pick a place you've always thought would be cool to live and start over. Be bold! Then come back and kick all their asses with your amazing years of experience and well-traveled awesomeness.

  6. 1:34pm: I have nothing worth taking, but I'm a big fan of having insurance.

    Gus: I've requested that the guy email me regarding the writing project. FYI, my current job doesn't give me health insurance, so I wouldn't be losing a lot there...

    Shan: Haha, I guess it could be read that way. Also, I've already got plenty of awesomeness to go around. I just need experience.

    Update 7: This new guy I'm teaching kung fu just told me that he works with a lot of lawyers and I should send him my resume. Fingers crossed...

  7. I'm fresh off a 4 interview, no-offer bender. I can't look anyone in the eye.

  8. You may be judgment proof right now, but if a judgment was ever entered against you, you'd be paying that judgment for the rest of your life. Get the insurance.