Friday, October 22, 2010


I know some people, like my sister, hate hearing about dreams.  If that's you, stop reading now because I'm about to describe the dream I had last night.

The dream started with me walking into work after filing at the Daley Center.  However, it wasn't our normal office - just some random office space.

Next, I notice that all of the doors to the individual offices are closed.  I open the door to my office and it's being used by Attorney 3, who is in a conference with some random people.  She waves for me to go away.

I ask a secretary what's going on and she says all of the offices are being used.  I eventually sit down in a large conference room with just a phone and some papers on the table in front of me.  (fyi, my real-life office is actually our small conference room)

Then, Attorney 2 walks in and tells me he has some legal work for me to do.  He hands me a book and then leaves.

I spend some time looking at the "legal work" and realize that it's a variant of a "Where's Waldo" book.  I spend some time looking for "Waldo" and then wake up.


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  1. Ha! I always have really messed up dreams. Last night I dreamt we discovered my grandfather wasn't really "lost at sea" but my mother actually murdered him. Yeah. Odd. Also he died of multiple organ failure/old age, not at sea. But the cops found the boat and there was proof she'd been there.

    I think your dream means that Attorney 2 has you do all the work and then he can flip the book open and point at Waldo in 0.5 seconds. Cause he's an ass that way. Also he doesn't know who Waldo is, where to find relevant case law about who Waldo is, and isn't sure the proper procedure for finding Waldo and reporting his whereabouts. =)