Friday, October 22, 2010


I deal with a lot of stupid shit stemming from a failure to communicate.  This kind of stuff wouldn't even bother me if people would stop giving me attitude during the process.

Me: I'm having some trouble reading the names on the lease you sent me.  It looks like Bob Smith and Joe ____.  Can you help me out with the second name?
Client: Felix Meyers.
Me: For unit 2?
Client: Yes.  Felix Meyers.
Me: ...I feel like we're looking at different leases.
Client: No, we not.  Tha second renter is Felix Meyers.
Me: It really looks like this second name is Joe someone.
Client: It is.
Me: So...I'm confused.
Client: Dey's tha renters.  Bob Smith an' Felix Meyers.
Me: So, who is Joe ___?
Client: *sigh* He moved out.
Me: Oh.  So, Felix Meyers moved in?
Client: How else he live there?
Me: Ok...does Felix have a lease?
Client: *sigh* Is his name on the lease?
Me: No...
Client: Then he ain't got no lease!
Me: So, Bob Smith and Joe ____ are on the lease.  Bob still lives there, but Joe does not, even though his name is still on the lease.  Felix is the new resident...who does not have a lease?
Client: That's what I said.
Me: Of course.  I don't know why I was confused.

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  1. Reminds me of a conversation I had with a black female probation officer back when I worked in the Public Defender's Office.

    Probation Officer: "You remember that kid you guys got locked up ..."
    Me: "You realize of course we don't lock people up, that would be the state."
    PO: "You know what I mean ..."
    Me: "Who are you asking about?"
    PO: "That kid you guys locked up ..."
    Me: "Again, we don't lock people up. Maybe you should check with the ADA."
    PO: "You know what I mean ..."
    Me: "Look, I'm really busy right now and if you don't clarify who you're asking about, I can't help you."
    PO: "Racist."