Sunday, January 2, 2011

Dick move of the day

While most other law firms were off on New Year's Eve, my Dick Boss decided that we had to work; though he did let us leave early.  However - and here comes the dick move - in order to make up the time we'd lose from leaving early, WE HAD TO COME TO WORK EARLY THAT MORNING.

In case you're wondering what the L looks like early in the morning on New Year's Eve, it looks something like this:
Fuck you, Dick Boss.  Fuck.  You.


  1. A dick and mentally ill. Because why would he bring that type of bad karma on himself unless he was crazy?

    The layout looks fine, except that the default font size looks teeny to my aged eyes. I could fix it on my end, but I like it when blogs make it easy for senior citizens like me.

  2. Hey, I've never seen the CTA so peaceful looking. Might even be safe to take a nap... And accidentally miss your stop and head right back home. I'm just sayin'.