Monday, February 14, 2011

I've been set up

Boss: Have you ever reviewed a settlement agreement before?
Me: No.
Boss: well, here, review this by Monday.
Me: And by "review," you specifically mean...
Boss: Review it by Monday!!!
Me: Ok!!!

Me: So, by "review" what do you figure he wants?
Other associate: Have you been involved with the settlement?
Me: No.
Other associate: Have you seen any of the settlement documents referenced here?
Me: No.
Other associate: Has dick boss been doing this all on his own and just threw this at you?
Me: Yes.
Other associate: You're fucked. Look at the file, review what you can and hope for the best.
Me: awesome.


  1. With my dick boss, this would have meant to tell him what a wonderful job he'd done settling the case and of course it was the very best course of action. Actually pointing out flaws in the settlement agreement (aside from, perhaps, typos) was verboten.

    Good luck.

  2. This is DEFINITELY going to end well.

  3. Yeah, this is not going anywhere good. I had the same kind of shit done to me at the Law Firm from Hell and it never went well. The best you can do is review it to the best of your ability for typos, things that look out of place legally, etc. and then wait for the yelling to begin. While the yelling is going on, silently hum the Doctor Pepper commercial music to yourself or plan out your errands for the coming week. Tuning out works sometimes and can save you some internal stress.