Tuesday, March 8, 2011


1) For those of you who don't follow regularly, I'm unemployed.

2) Attorney 2 called today to offer me some contract work.  He must have gotten my unemployment claim in the mail and, coincidentally, needs help because Attorney 6 isn't working out. (If you'll recall, he hired Attorney 6 rather than hiring me.  This whole conversation made me smile.)  Anyway, I left on good terms and I need work, so I'm going to do some contract work at my old firm.  It sounds like they want me to start immediately.

3) I'm going on vacation with my girlfriend to Puerto Rico in a couple of days.  Should be a nice way to clear my head.

4) My dad has a friend who sells medical supplies.  In the past, he has suggested that, if I ever don't want to practice law, he could probably hook me up with a job in his company.  I'm thinking it might be time to try my hand at selling medical supplies.  Anybody need a hip?

5) I don't own Microsoft Word and have been trying to find a way to send my resume out using Google Docs.  The problem is that it undergoes some slight formatting changes whenever I save it as a .doc file or as a pdf.  While slight, these changes really fuck up my resume.  If anyone has a solution to this problem, I'm all ears.  I haven't tried Open Office yet, but it's next on my list.


  1. Open Office is great. I only finally shelled out the cash for Microsoft Office because Open Office doesn't play nice with 2007 or 2010 Powerpoint and law professors love their Powerpoint.

    I find Open Office hardly affects the way Word docs look, and you can save it in Word format just the same. It's a million times better than it used to be.

    Go for the medical supplies, if it will make you good money. The contract work sounds good, and maybe he'll realize he wants you back and to make you a real lawyer!

  2. I dumped Word when I got my newest computer of Open Office, and love it. I installed it on my work computer so I don't have to use Word or Excel anymore. The PowerPoint is the only thing keeping it from perfection to me.

  3. Have fun in Puerto Rico? Can you download a free PDF converter and send your resume as a PDF?

  4. You can get a free pdf converter at www.cutepdf.com. It works with PACER as well as acrobat does.

  5. Open Office comes with a PDF converter if you need it in pdf.

    More and more people want it in .doc though now.

  6. If you send it in .doc format, copy the entire resume to a new docement and then save it. Don't let the new employer see your metadata. Though most small firms don't do complex litigation and won't be savvy enough to check metadata.

  7. 1) I've tried converting it to pdf through Google Docs and am still having formatting issues. In word, on my girlfriend's computer, it shows up on one page. But, after I convert it to pdf through Google Docs, it's two pages. Therein lies my problem.
    2) I don't even know what metadata is. You have surpassed my computer knowledge.
    3) Since I'll be doing some work at my old firm, I'm actually just going to use the computer there to send out my resume. Problem solved.

  8. Using the computer of your new/old employer to send out resumes equals problem solved?

    Maybe that thinking is why that attorney never promoted you and why your latest employer fired you after what semed like a few months?

  9. Open Office. I haven't had Word since I started college, law school, and college. Simple to convert to .pdf. It will also retain word documents in their current word format.

    I hope everything is okay!