Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Art Institute

A little while ago I went to the Art Institute.  I hate going to the Art Institute on their free day because it's way too crowded, but I'm way too cheap to pay for museums.  As luck would have it, a woman in my French class works there and was able to get me in for free on a normal day and give me a guided tour of an exhibit she put together.

I'm usually pretty critical of art museums, but I really like the Art Institute and I've been there a lot.  During this particular trip, I went to the modern wing, the exhibit they had on French artwork and I ate lunch at Terzo Piano. 

Terzo Piano was really quite good.  Interesting atmosphere, nice view and, most importantly, good food.
I suppose the modern wing was good.  As we all know by now, I'm not into modern art.  But, I looked around, absorbed some culture and thought a few of the pieces were cool looking.

My favorite part was the exhibit on renaissance French artwork.  I knew what all of it was supposed to be and there was obvious artistic skill on display - that's really all I want out of an art exhibit.  The exhibit is over now and I'm definitely glad I didn't miss it.

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