Thursday, June 30, 2011

Interview in review

Yesterday's interview had some pros and cons.  Just to bring everyone up to speed, the interview was for an entry-level position with a company that sells medical devices.  My dad is good friends with his sales rep and he helped get me the interview.

1) The interview went really well.  The owners had a conference call with my dad's friend later in the day and he even texted me to let me know how well I did in the interview.  I may not have many skills, but I excel at interviews. 
2) The job sounds like a great way to gain experience and eventually work my way into an actual sales rep position.
3) They offered to let me shadow one of their sales reps for a day.  That way I can get a feel for what the job is like and if it's something I really want to do one day.  I thought that was very cool of them.

1) The job is extremely entry-level.  I'd basically be packing boxes and delivering them to hospitals.  I imagine the pay is just as entry-level.
2) I'd need to buy a car.
3) Most importantly, they're not sure when the job would start.  I guess this position is currently being created, but they want to reconvene in a month to give me more definite details.  That leaves me unemployed for at least another month.

Overall, it sounds like a great opportunity.  Unlike a lot of other jobs that I've had, I'd be working in an area that interests me and there would be opportunity to advance within the company.  It stings a little to be 28 years old and only qualified to do entry-level work, but I'm coming to terms with that fact. 


  1. I found myself taking entry-level temporary positions when I first left the law. It is very humbling, but it does feel good to bring home a paycheck. And I have found that sometimes entry-level positions lead to other things, whether it be more networking opportunities or better positions within the company you work for. Are you still sending out resumes while you wait to hear about this one? I think it helps to keep yourself out there, so you don't build up this one opportunity too much. I'm crossing my fingers for you. Good luck!

  2. If it helps at all, since starting my entry level position at 27 I discovered that I really preferred the hours, the fact that people coming to me with questions wanted to know my opinion, not why I hadn't already done research on a problem I'd never heard about, and that the fact that I present myself as educated opened every door in the company. The company owner basically decided he'd like to replace everyone in the company with me, which offers the potential of more money, better hours, and a lot less hating myself than I ever had working in law.

    Keep your head up, and good luck.

  3. Good luck. I really hope it works out for you. Don't worry about being 28 and in an entry-level job, either. That's about par for the course now, but even if it weren't, I was working for minimum wage in a dead-end job for a long time after law school, and by the time I finally found someone who would hire me, I was so exhausted from the whole Great Recession that I didn't care. If I should have felt it humbling, I was too tired for it. It just felt really good to have a couple hundred dollars in my account.

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