Monday, June 27, 2011

Job interview!

For a long time, I've been talking about this potential job with a medical device company.  I've been emailing back and forth with a guy that my dad knows, but the interview kept getting pushed back.  It's been immensely frustrating but, this Wednesday, I have a confirmed time and location for an interview.

The only bad part is that the interview, and the job, will be in a nearby suburb.  This is bad because I don't have a car and I suck at driving on highways.  I really mean I suck at driving on highways. 

It's not that I'm a bad driver.  I'm actually a pretty good driver.  I've just had very little experience driving on anything other than lazy roads in my home town.  I like it best when the roads have actual names and the closest car is several car-lengths away.  Put me in a tightly packed group of cars on a road that begins with an "I" and ends with some number, all while trying to merge onto a seemingly identical road that comes in out of nowhere, and I start to panic.

Anyway, now that I've worked myself into a cold sweat just thinking about this, maybe it's time to figure out where I can rent a car.  On the bright side, I guess I'll be forced to get a lot better at driving.


  1. From one stranger to another, I wish you good luck, my friend.

  2. Good luck to you.
    I was once in your situation. It just took one lucky break. Then I was fine.
    You will be too.

  3. Good luck.

    For what it's worth I grew up in Montana and basically never had to drive on an interstate, merge into traffic, or even a highway with more than 2 lanes until I went to college (I drove from Western Montana to Colorado Springs to get to school). You'll adjust quickly, trust me. You'll probably drive about 10 miles in heavy traffic and it'll all become easy.