Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Overheard this conversation while selling to a law firm. This client is getting kicked out of their apartment for a variety of reasons.

Client: ...and then they accused us of bein' gangbanga's!!
Lawyer: And these are your neighbors to the left, correct?
Client: Naw, them's to mah right.
Lawyer: Ok, what happened with the ones to your left?  Weren't you talking about them on the phone?
Client: Dey thinks we's gangbanga's, too! We's good churchgoin' folk!  Not no gangbanga's!
Lawyer: Wait.  This sounds familiar.  Did you have this same problem with your downstairs neighbors last month?
Client: Yeah.
Lawyer: So, three of your neighbors are under the mistaken impression that you are all gang members?
Client: Yeah.  But, we's good churchgoin' folk.
Lawyer: ...great.

My job is hilarious.

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