Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Remember how things ended at the original firm where I used to work?  In brief, Attorney 2 didn't want to hire me, I worked at a different firm for a while, got fired, then did contract work for the original firm for a while.  I left on good terms with everyone there, but was a little bitter that Attorney 2 didn't hire me.  Well, karma just kicked Attorney 2 in the ass.
For the past month, I'd been seeing on Linkedin that some of the attorneys there had found different jobs.  After a while, curiosity got the best of me and I emailed Attorney 4 to see what was going on.

First, Attorney 5 left in January for reasons that I don't know.  Attorney 4 had been badgering Attorney 2 to hire a new attorney for a long time, but he wasn't budging and Attorney 4 was really overworked.  So, Attorney 4 left in February and convinced her new firm to hire both Secretary 1 and another new attorney that recently started working there.

To sum up, that firm lost three attorneys and one secretary in three months.  That leaves Attorney 2, Business Manager and a secretary.  What's the moral of this story?  People should hire me when given the opportunity.


  1. Would you go back there (again) if a reasonable offer was made?