Thursday, September 3, 2009


I'm a lawyer. No, that's not quite right. Lawyers have law degrees, wear suits to work, go to court, work long hours, have clients, salaries, fancy cars and possibly even health insurance. Last time I checked, I have none of those things. Oh wait, I do have a law degree. It's that flat thing keeping my coffee table level.

More accurately, I'm a law clerk. Granted, I'm licensed to practice law in Illinois (have been for a full year now), but I'm a law clerk. My time is spent filling in blanks, standing in line, stuffing envelopes and applying for jobs. Sounds pretty sweet, huh? You know, it's really not even that bad...were I at my first job out of high school. However, the reality is that I'm a law school graduate working so far below my potential that being an administrative assistant would be a step up in the world. It would have been awesome if law schools had mentioned that a law degree qualifies you to be a lawyer and nothing else. And that, if the market for lawyers dried up, I'd be SOL trying to find another job. I'm sure a rant about law schools will appear in a future post.

Underemployment: At least it's not unemployment...right?

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