Wednesday, November 11, 2009


You know how, when you forward or reply to an email, the person you sent it to can read all of the previous emails involved in the exchange even if they weren't originally a part of the conversation?  Some people haven't figured that out.  Here's a summary of an email exchange that someone sent me today:

Me: Could you sign some legal documents?
Idiot #1: No.  You have the wrong name on them.  It's actually Idiot #2 who should sign them.
Me: Sorry.  Our client has you listed.  I'll change it and send it to him.  What's his position and email?
Idiot #1: He's the agent.
Me: Ok, I guess you're not going to give me his email, so here are the updated documents.  Please have him sign and send them back to me.
Idiot #2 (to Idiot #1): Thanks for helping with this "mind numbing exercise."  Is it just me, or is this guy making something simple very complicated?
Idiot #1 (to Idiot #2): You're welcome.  It's not you.  He's annoying and is complicating something that should be simple.
Idiot #2 (to Idiot #1): Should I follow his instructions about how to send this back or just make up my own way? 
Idiot #1 (to Idiot #2): Just make something up and do it that way in addition to the way he said.
Idiot #2 (to Idiot #1): Ok.  Should I send it or should you? 
Idiot #1 (to Idiot #2): I'll do it.
Idiot #1 (to me): Here's what you asked for plus a bunch of crap we made up.

Good work, guys.  How is it that I'm the one who can't find a real job?

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