Friday, January 29, 2010

Career Goals

Someone who is forwarding my resume around has asked that I provide him with a cover letter, stating my careers goals, so that he can better direct my resume.  This is the hardest cover letter ever.  There must have been a time when I had career goals, but I only barely remember what they were.  Something about using my philosophy major to specialize in applied ethics and becoming an ethics adviser at a can guess how well that turned out.  Here's what my career goals have become:

1) I want a salary.  Not a good salary.  Just a salary.
2) I want benefits.  Maybe even dental.  It would be pretty cool to be able to go to the dentist.
3) I want a job that can't be done by a high school student.  The job description can't say, "high school diploma or equivalent work experience."  The thought working that job just depresses me.
4) I want paid vacation time.  I don't want to lose money every time I take time off.  That kills me.
5) I want reasonable hours.  If I'm going to be in some dead-end job that I get no satisfaction from, I'm going home at 5pm.

That's really about it.  I'm even flexible about some of those.

1 comment:

  1. Philosophy major can't get a job? Really?

    Seriously, I always thought the great secret of the "dreaded" philosophy major was that software companies would pay you go-gobs of money to debug the logic problems in their new programs.

    So, I guess that ain't happening these days?