Thursday, January 14, 2010

I actually get along with some people.

This is a brief email exchange between me and a guy at our title company I talk to periodically.  He's really very good at his job, hates being called retarded and doesn't hide it very well (even over email), but ultimately doesn't give a damn about what he does.  I get that.

Me: I need title searches for these properties.
Title Guy: It looks like these properties don't exist.  Can you double check your info?
Me: Checked my info and the properties should exist.  Did you think about this stupid mistake that I think you might have made?  I only mention it b/c you guys have made this mistake before.
Title Guy: Of course I thought about that, dick.  Will you go actually dig a little deeper now, or are you going to keep pointing out mistakes I didn't make?  On our end, they seriously don't exist.
Me: Just found out that these properties are actually rented, so we don't care who owns them.  Want to just ignore the fact that they don't exist, give me the other stuff I wanted, and pretend this never happened?
Title Guy: You bet.  I was hoping you'd say that, because I can't figure this out.

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