Friday, January 15, 2010

I could represent the best cases

I was in a particular county office today and got this one cashier who I talk to a lot.  Let's call her "Tamika" since I'm sure she'll come up again in future posts.  I noticed Tamika was on a different side of the office today, though I didn't realize the reason was going to be so hilarious.

Tamika: I almost had to use your services (as a lawyer) today.
Me: Why?  What happened this time?
Tamika: I cursed some lady out and threatened her a little.  She was all in my business and I just got tired of it.
Me: Ok, weird.  At least you meet a lot of lawyers.  Hey, (joking) is that why you're on this side of the office?  Did it happen here and they're trying to keep you two apart?
Tamika: Yeah, they needed to separate us. 
Me:'re serious?

How awesome would it be to see a fight break out between two cashiers?  I believe "pretty fucking awesome" is the answer you're looking for.


  1. Cook County is such a special place! I am NOT surprised that happened. Have you ever met some of the people that go to county meetings? Priceless.

  2. It's so cute that she thinks of you as a lawyer.