Monday, January 18, 2010

Hand sanitizer

First, let me just say that I'm all in favor of hand sanitizer.  It's a convenient way to sanitize things if you don't have a more appropriate method available (I don't know enough science to actually worry about making super-resistant germs).  However, people have to understand the limits of what hand sanitizer can do.  It's not the same as washing your hands.  It's actually more like using Febreeze on your hands.

Case in point, The Goblin has had a cough for the past several months (yes, it's gross).  Every time I walk past her desk and I see her coughing into her hands, I glare at her and she responds with, "Don't worry!  I'm using hand sanitizer!" 

Great.  You just rubbed a combination of hand-sanitizer, spit and phlegm all over your hands.  But, don't worry, you're germ free.  That's like using Febreeze to cover up a stain on your carpet.  Yeah, it might not smell, but the stain is still there. 

I think a good general rule would be to only use hand-sanitizer if your hands legitimately look clean and you just want to be extra safe.  For anything else, go actually wash your hands.

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