Friday, January 8, 2010

New game

I have the office closest to the door, so it's assumed that I'm one who goes to greet people who come to our office.  For some reason, the Goblin, who's desk is nowhere near the door, always bolts to her feet and makes a mad dash for the door at the same time.  This usually ends with me and the client staring at her like she's lost her mind (which she has).

Recently, I've noticed that Goblin does this every time there's the slightest noise by the door.  For example, Business Manager just accidentally tapped our bell with her pen and was almost tackled by the Goblin.  Goblin generally spends the next minute staggering around confused about what could have made it sound like someone entered our office (I'm pretty sure she thinks we have a ghost). Unfortunately for her, I find the whole process highly entertaining.

So, now I go out of my way to create false alarms that get her to run to the door.  Pretty much any noise in the general vicinity of our door will do the trick, so I don't feel I should bore you with examples.  Just think of it like using a laser pointer to play with your cat.  The confused expression is about the same and it never gets old.

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